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Congratulations!!  Be Proud of Yourself! 
You are about to hire your first salesperson.  She is trained in sales and is very experienced -  but you are not. Are you trained in sales management? Also no?  Do you need help?  
You worked hard to get here. You created this whole business. But how do you make sure that your investment in that sales resource will perform to your expectations? You know how to measure creativity, dedication, work ethics but when it comes to a salesperson, things get blurry.
It has been two months and your weekly reviews with your salesperson seem to go nowhere. You hear that the price is too high. The product is too complicated. The competition is too fierce. You were able to sell the first clients by yourself. What has changed? You wanted to have 3 salespersons by the end of the year. But how do you grow without having to spend money on a sales leader?
SO, IMAGINE HAVING SALES MANAGEMENT SKILLS ALL OF A SUDDEN.  Understanding what an effective sales process looks like. What it feels like. Imagine sitting with your salesperson and asking questions about the deals. Questions that move the conversation forward. Questions that coach your salesperson. Imagine being able to look at a sales pipeline and seeing the gaps that need to be addressed. Looking at a client profile and sales cycle and be able to ask the top three questions for that deal that will make it move faster. Imagine being able to know when the data is real in the pipeline.  Imagine being able to quickly identify which prospects to work with and which prospects need more work before getting attention.
Imagine building a real sales team and handing off a performing sales organization to a sales leader and being able to play a key role in moving critical accounts forward.
Hello, my name is Michel Chiasson and I specialize in helping business founders and first time sales managers understand sales and become proficient in onboarding their first salespeople, coaching, managing and building a sales organization from the first hire forward.
I have been a sales leader 6 times, in sales for more than 25 years and three of the companies for which I built the sales organization had exits totalling more than 400 million dollars. I love working with small organizations and helping them grow.
If you are a founder or member of an executive team, I will give you all the insights needed to understand sales and build a high performing sales organization until you are ready to hire a sales leader.
This will help you make sure that the sales side of the business is not a black box anymore. To find out more, sign up for one of our offers below or simply leave your name and email and I will reach out with more details. 
Wether you are hiring your first sales person or managing your first sales team, make sure you maximize your path to success.  Sign up now!
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____________Course Release Dates_____________

April 2023:
The first of 8 modules of Sales Management 101: Recruiting is launched. 


October 2023:
The 2nd module of Sales Management 101 is launched: Hiring 

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Sales Management 101


Revolutionize Your Business with Our First Sales Management Course focused on Recruiting. Get a taste of the essentials to identify the right skills to hire the right candidates, create the perfect job posting,  and elevate your sales with this course. 


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Fast Track Your Success with a 1-1 Coaching Session with me to focus on your very specific needs. We can address your recruiting needs or talk about any other area of sales management from hiring, onboarding, coaching.   


Sales Management 101


Revolutionize your business's sales team management! Our comprehensive course provides business owners with the tools, knowledge and guidance they need to build and manage a high-performing sales team without sacrificing precious time and resources.